Knee Pain related to fitness

Knee pain is common in fitness. Pain relief sprays are commonly used to relieve such kinds of pain. However, conventional Pain Relief Spray does not provide desired pain relief, because of incomplete penetration through the skin layers.

Don't let joint pain bring you to your knees. Use Dynapar QPS for Quick and Long Lasting Pain relief.

Dynapar QPS

QPS is a novel drug delivery platform that provides 5 times higher, quicker and comprehensive penetration of the drug through the skin as compared to gel/cream. US Patented Dynapar QPS ensures:

US Patented Dynapar QPS ensures:

  • Long Lasting Pain Relief
  • Zero Burn Zero Odour
  • Reduced dependence on Oral NSAIDs, hence prevents damage to vital organs of the body
Mechanism of Action

Dynapar QPS is a quick penetrating solution of Diclofenac, based on the QPS Novel Drug Delivery Platform.

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