Shoulder & Wrist pain related to Typing

Shoulder & Wrist pain are common conditions with prolonged typing. Wrist joints are responsible for the basic movements, such as texting and writing. Shoulder & Wrist pain can interfere with daily activities and can impact quality of life of a person.

Ensure joint pain doesn't stop you from advancing in your career. Use Dynapar QPS.

Dynapar QPS

QPS is a novel drug delivery platform that provides 5 times higher, quicker and comprehensive penetration of the drug through the skin as compared to gel/cream.

US Patented Dynapar QPS ensures:

  • Long Lasting Pain Relief
  • Zero Burn Zero Odour
  • Reduced dependence on Oral NSAIDs, hence prevents damage to vital organs of the body
Mechanism of Action

Dynapar QPS is a quick penetrating solution of Diclofenac, based on the QPS Novel Drug Delivery Platform.

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